3E Morava Nature

Ecocentre Hohenau an der March „March-Thaya-Zentrum“

Construction - a new generation of solid wood panels

CLT (cross-laminated timber) - panels have unique environmental, architectural, structural, thermal and fire resistance properties and benefits. Through prefabrication not only construction time is reduced and the quality improved, but waste on site during construction is significantly reduced to almost nothing.

Another side benefit is the ease of attachment of services such as electrical conduit, sprinkler lines, plumbing, etc.  A larch board-on-board cladding was selected.

The construction work of the Ecocentre Hohenau an der March has been completed. Further measures such as the furnishing (interior) and design of the outdoor facility as well as the planting are no longer project-related, these costs are borne by the community of Hohenau an der March.

Hohenau March-Thaya-Zentrum

Hohenau Holzbau



Geothermal Heat Pump

Hohenau HeizungWhy? Compared to traditional fossil fuel-based home heating technologies, a ground source heat pump is the more environmentally friendly option. Apart from that it is a cost-effective system for heating and cooling. 

This system transfers heat between your house and the earth using fluid circulated through long loops of underground pipe.







Barrier-free building

3E Hohenau barrierefreiWhat can we do to make everyone feel welcome and included? A ramp outside permits wheelchair users, as well as people pushing strollers, carts, or other wheeled objects, for more easily access to the building. There is also a toilet - with barrier-free access for people with limited mobility and a fold down wall mounted baby changing station.





A public e-bike charging station

is located in front of the ecocentre for charging six bikes at the same time because E-bikes are growing in popularity not only among mountain bikers.


Hohenau E bike charging stationE-bikes help cyclists to go further, faster, longer, they're great for crosswinds and headwinds and simply huge fun to ride. They'll help you to explore the neighboring country and there are some cross-border cycling routes (Iron Curtain Trail/EuroVelo 13, Natura Trail March-Thaya-Zwickel).








Glass pane markings to prevent bird-window collisions

Hohenau VogelschutzglasAt the Biological Station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf, research on markings for glass panes that reduce bird collisions.

Scientists, among them the ornithologist Dipl.Ing. Martin Rössler (www.auring.at) examined achromatic marking patterns in 1,428 choice experiments with wild birds (mostly songbirds) in a flight tunnel of seven meters length at the Biological Station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf.

A mist net ensured that the birds suffered no injury. Twelve markings were tested; of these, eleven effectively reduced collisions. However, considerable differences existed among the tested patterns. Here in the ecocentre Hohenau we are proud to present you one of the best glass pane markings.

You can find the test tunnel at the Hohenau-Ringelsdorf Biological Station when you visit the bird ringing station.   


Ecocentre is ideally located very close to the center of Hohenau and very close to the nature reserve.

Lage Hohenau Ökozentrum

Economic criteria:

A seminar hall and a snack bar in the building could be saved because the centre is located in an area, no more than a five-minute walk from the nearest supermarket, restaurant, bank, bus station, doctors, pharmacy and the event center “Atrium” with a hall that host congresses, conferences, courses and training events and seminar rooms for lectures and an attached restaurant.

On the other hand guests can find unique nature almost around the corner. Guests are invited to experience meadows, forests and river landscapes on interesting excursions. This unique floodplain landscape supports many species you won’t find in similar landscapes further west or north in Europe.

Take a look inside

Foyer / small meeting room: The interior is no longer part of the project 3E MoravaNature, financing is provided by the municipality of Hohenau

Hohenau Foyer mit Prospekten

Hohenau kleiner Besprehungsraum